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P' Sopa

by Roots
550.00 ฿

P' Sopa began working with coffee because she loved nature and wanted to preserve it. She saw the changes and destruction of natural vegetation when the locals of Omkoi Village stopped the opium production and turned to clearing the forest grounds to farm more vegetables. She persuaded more and more farmers to start growing coffee trees instead as they can coexist in the forest harmoniously with other native floras, so there wouldn't be a need to cut down any more trees. Her coffee was awarded with the top prize from Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand (SCATH) in 2015 and from 2016 until now, it has always been ranked in the top five in the competition.
250g / Whole bean 

Brewing recommendation Filter
Juicy, Lemon, Apricot, Orange-like acidity
Region Omkoi, Chiang Mai 
Process Fully wash  
Elevation 1,200-1,300 m
Varietal Chiang Mai 80, Typica

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