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Decimo Blend

by Roots
400.00 ฿

For this blend, Roots wanted to recreate the classic Italian style of espresso while also showcasing the potential of local beans from various farms they've been working with. These beans all have their own unique characters: Phu Tub Berk (nutty flavor with a smooth mouthfeel), Pangkhon village (sweet and juicy), Le Tor Glo village (beautiful aroma and complexity). But what truly makes this blend unique, is that it also features specialty grade robusta coffee from P’ Kaleb’s farm in Nan, which gives the cup a wonderful richness and exceptional aftertaste.
250g / Whole bean 

Brewing recommendation Espresso
Rich, Toffee nut, Chocolate bar finish 
40% Phu Tub Berk, Petchabun (Fully wash process) 
30% Pangkhon village, Chiang Rai (Kenya wash process)
20% Le Tor Glo village, Tak (Natural process)
10% Nam Meed village Robusta, Nan (Fully wash process)

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