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Cold Brew Concentrate Bottle (240ml)

by Roots
220.00 ฿

It's time to play barista and have fun creating your own drink at home with Roots concentrated cold brew. It's brewed extra rich and flavorful so that you can mix it with various ingredients and still be able to experience the beautiful aroma and taste of our coffee.
240ml (makes approx 4 cups of coffee)

Ingredient Pangkhon Coffee
Storage Keep refrigerated for 2 weeks, consume within 5 days of opening
Serving Recommendation To make a black coffee or white cold brew coffee, simply fill a glass (12oz) with ice. Pour 60ml of concentrated cold brew into the glass followed by 120ml of water (or milk for white cold brew) over the ice. You can also try mixing it with other syrups and ingredients to create your own signature menu.

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