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Recipe in a Box

Recipe in a Box

Enjoy cooking signature dishes with an all-in-one meal box.
  • 950.00 ฿

    Wagyu Mini Double Cheese Burger


    Ocken's signature Wagyu Mini Double Cheese Burgers are now available in a Recipe in a Box. Have fun frying up the homemade patties and building up ...

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    950.00 ฿
  • 450.00 ฿

    Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes


    Discover the joys of cooking!Enjoy learning the recipe and how to make Roast's Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes at home with this Recipe in a Box. You'...

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    450.00 ฿
  • 320.00 ฿

    Chicken Nuggets

    Little Pea Cafe

    Discover the joys of cooking!The best-selling cracker-crusted Chicken Nuggets at Little Pea Cafe is a family's favorite and with this Recipe in a...

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    320.00 ฿