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A selection of home cured/smoked meats for your daily usage. 

They are great for sandwiches and can also elevate your everyday home cooked meals.

  • 280.00 ฿

    Homecured Canadian Bacon (200g)


    Brined for 7 days with a spice blend of juniper berry, mustard seeds and maple syrup before getting smoked with applewood and hickory.200g Ingredie...

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    280.00 ฿
  • 220.00 ฿

    Homemade Mortadella (200g)


    Pork tenderloin with special spice mix and pistachios.200g Ingredients Pork shoulder, Pork fat, Tio Pepe, PistachiosStorage Keep refrigerated for ...

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    220.00 ฿
  • 420.00 ฿

    Homecured Guanciale (300g)


    30-Day homecured pork jowl with a distinct aroma and depth of flavor - a perfect addition to any dish you make at home.300g Ingredients Pork jowl,...

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    420.00 ฿
  • from 500.00 ฿

    HomeSpace Market E-Gift Card

    HomeSpace Market

    Give your loved ones the gift of choice with a HomeSpace Market E-Gift Card! E-Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redee...

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    from 500.00 ฿
  • 750.00 ฿

    Reusable Grocery Bag


    Reusable shopping bag made from durable, natural materials with webbed handle and cotton straps - functional and great for the environment.  Size...

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    750.00 ฿