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Covid-19 Support

we’d like to spread the word about theCOMMONS Employee Relief Fund. theCOMMONS created this initiative to spread kindness and compassion during these tough times. As a result of  the current pandemic, theCOMMONS was forced to close their doors to the community. 

This devastating loss of income meant that they could no longer afford to employ their staff or pay them what they deserve. Therefore, theCOMMONS created an Employee Relief Fund to help those who are most affected including our makers at HomeSpace, servers at Roast, the coffee roasters from Roots, the teachers at Little Pea, to the cleaners who have cleared your tables at theCOMMONS Market. They also invite other local businesses to join their Relief Fund and register their employees who need help. You can learn more about this initiative and lend your support here.